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Expert Witness

(Group & Individual)



Fiduciary Accountings

Fiduciary accountings are the heart of our business. It’s what we know, and what we do best.

We provide an expert, reassuring, guiding perspective to this jigsaw-puzzle-like process, and will guide you through every step of: what is this thing called an “accounting;” I hate accounting, why do I have to do this?; what do you need from me to do this?; who do I give this to now?; is there going to be a “next time”; how do I make this easier next time?, and that whole litany of questions you’ll have. We can take care of it, however simple or complex.



We train individuals and small groups (in-person or via Zoom) in the preparation of fiduciary/court accountings including:

  • setting up office systems to facilitate the preparation of accountings in the most efficient way possible
  • understanding what to expect (and how best to anticipate) when that call comes from your attorney … “your accounting is due”
  • and how to prepare that accounting, whether for a court or non-court need.

Expert Witness

Martin Harris has acted as expert witness in court actions involving accountings.

Expert witnesses are key in the courtroom, as more complicated disputes need clear explanation to a judge and/or jury. Increasingly, fiduciary accountants are being called as expert witnesses to help sort out the labyrinthine financial aspects of litigation involving complex issues and large sums of money. Contact us for more information regarding this service.

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