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Harris Fiduciary Accounting

Harris Fiduciary Accounting is a specialist fiduciary accounting (non-CPA) firm recognized for the quality of its work by countless professional and non-professional fiduciaries, Estate & Trust attorneys, CPAs and Probate Court staff.

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    Wouldn’t it be nice to have one less thing to worry about? Let the experts handle the fiduciary accounting so you can focus on what you do best – caring for your client. Having an outside expert handle the fiduciary accounting also lends a second pair of eyes to help avoid costly errors, and gives you (and the court if the court is involved) an accounting as quickly and as efficiently as possible. And we do this without charging attorney or CPA rates!


    Let us help you make your clients love you! Let us take on that fiduciary accounting and get it back to you as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Easy or complex, we’ll guide your client through every step of the process if you’d like us to, and make it as easy and stress free as possible for both of you.


    You’re a great CPA. But fiduciary accountings, especially those for Probate Court, are a different sort of beast. We’ve been doing these for 25 years. It’s all we do. We can work with you, or directly with your client. Again, let us help us make your clients love you! We’ll work together seamlessly to get that accounting done as quickly and efficiently as possible. And we’ll hold your client’s hand through the whole process.

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Client Testimonials

  • Martin Harris and his team are our number one go-to firm to prepare our client accountings. They are timely, professional, communicative and, most importantly, accurate. We have been using Martin’s firm for over 10 years and recommend them to our colleagues on a regular basis. We consider Martin an integral part of what makes our cases run smoothly. His work is highly regarded by our clients, their family members and the probate courts. Martin is also an amazing teacher and presenter. We thank him and his team for our wonderful relationship.

    Meredith T., MFT, CLPF IMT Associates
  • Martin and his team are professionals, knowledgeable and efficient. I know every accounting, especially the complicated matters, are handled correctly and with great attention to detail. The work is always impeccable; and on top of that, he and his team are a pleasure to work with always.

    Melanie E., Attorney at Law Kato, Feder & Suzuki, LLP
  • Martin Harris and his team are superb at preparing trust, conservatorship, and probate accountings. As a private professional fiduciary, I generally prepare those accountings for my own clients. However, Martin is my "go-to" person when I'm dealing with a matter that is larger or more complicated than I either want to handle or am able to handle. He also provides a second set of eyes to help keep me doing my job correctly, which ultimately is a benefit to my clients, as well as to me.

    Will H., CLPF, NCG California Licensed Professional Fiduciary

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